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With the Vision to Digitize Dreams, Kinetic Digital Publishers (KDP) is one of the leading platforms for self publishing a book. After being established in 1997, and working in the field for over a decade, KDP has provided authors with all the services they seek, from self publishing an eBook to Paperback book grading, from hardcover book printing to explaining the process, and many more. Since the beginning, the main goal of the team has been to be beneficial for all the hidden talent present in the USA.

We tend to publish audiobooks, printed books, and eBooks of new, emerging, or even old talent. With KDP's keenness towards making book reading a common practice among younger generations, we provide all the aesthetics according to the Millennials and more specifically, GenZ. KDP has always been inspired by the Amazon publishing office, and considering the fact that both work for introducing new talent, KDP is already a winner—ahead of many.

If you are an author who wants to self publish their book for the world, then you must get in touch with our team of experts today. In the diverse field of publishing, choosing the right platform is very important, and considering the facts and figures, KDP is one of the best platforms for any author aiming to become an independent publisher. By joining hands with top performers, Amazon Publishing, Barnes and Noble, Blackwell's, and Hachette Group, KDP has been a game changer.


Meet Our Team of Professionals

Miles Wolf

Chief of Author Strategy
Led Strategy Planning for 500+ Projects

Marvin Mahoney

Director of Author Strategy
Accelerated Consistent Growth by Onboarding 1000+ Projects, Yearly

Kayla Francis

Senior Ghostwriter
Internationally Top-Rated Ghostwriter in the USA

Maya Richardson

Editorial Director
NYT Best-Seller. Former Editor at Harper Publishing

Brianna Nicholes

Executive Editor
Worked on 300+ Projects, successfully

Sarah Brown

Project Manager
Managed 1000+ Projects

Zayn Cole

Sr. Project Manager
Former Manager at Hachette

Edda Smiles

Publishing Consultant

With a prominent vision to digitize dreams, KDP aims to bring the best technical tools, man skills, and expert help to all struggling authors. Our goal is to be the best help for every author, and with our platform, we make sure to be there. Considering the last goal of every new and old talent—to be number one—KDP tries to be the best help.


To be the go-to publishing platform for authors of all ages—millennials, Young Millennials, and Gen-Z. Our mission is to provide authors with the basic needs of self publishing so that they can easily pursue their dream of being the number one author.

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