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What is An Author’s Website?

In today’s world, digitizing every aspect of a business has become a need. Every trend we see, and every campaign we follow is somewhat related to our digital existence. Similarly, it is for an author. An author’s website is basically a portfolio, which portrays all the relevant work of the author. Through a website, an author can show themselves as a credible source to the public. All books, content, and drafts along with basic information about the author are posted on that website—which then helps people understand the artist better

Team KDP focuses on developing and designing the author’s website as per the needs and demands of the client. We ensure to conduct proper keyword research, generate the layout, format the website, and publish the content accordingly. Our team is well aware of all the trends and makes sure to indulge the relevant ones for the relevant clients.

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Turning Readers Away

If your present website (or lack thereof) isn't professional, well-designed, and offers a clear user journey, you're already losing readers and book purchases.

Wasted Writing Energy

If people interested in reading your work have a bad picture of you when they research you online, all your hard work will be useless.

Lost Publicity Opportunity

You can lose out on opportunities with publishers, promoters, and media scouts because your website seems unprofessional.

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