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Illustrations are a Looking Glass, Keep them as Transparent as Possible!

With time, the idea of more pictures and fewer words has taken over the world. People today believe that they understand better with images than with words. As a platform that has worked in the field for more than a decade, investing in illustrations is a top recommendation.

KDP is a platform that has worked with all types of authors, be it Young Adults, Comic Writers, Graphic Novel Writers, or Children's Book Writers, our team has expertise in all. As per our observation, adding an image or two after every five chapters has helped keep a reader indulged for more than usual.



Here are six ways we use to assist you with the finest book illustrations for your book.

Children's Book Illustrations

Understanding the importance of children's book illustrations, KDP Digital Publishers offers professional illustration services and ghostwriting services. Our team of creators comprises highly skilled and seasoned illustrators who specialize in illustrations that captivate children's minds.

Textbook Illustration

KDP Digital Publishers researches the author's written content to generate educational, uncluttered prints for both digital and print textbooks. We rely on basic designs, consistent color schemes, and visual storytelling to enhance learning. This includes illustration strategies tailored to the educational subject matter.

Picture Book Illustrations

In addition to traditional and digital illustration techniques, we employ specialized design and drawing software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Procreate.
We consult with authors to transform their objectives into compelling, concise writing. We adapt our methodologies based on the type of content, whether it's educational or merely entertaining.

Training Manual Illustration

KDP Digital Publishers recognizes that visuals help facilitate comprehension for many individuals. We convert text from training manuals into images, which may be simple or elaborate based on the complexity of the content, the instructions, and the task specifications.
We use Adobe Illustrator CC to create color-coded visual guides with distinct lines and shapes.

Comic Book Illustrations

Our team is immersed in comic and animation trends in order to create dramatic sketch, ink, color, and inventive caption illustrations that capture the evocative spirit of the genre while stretching artistic boundaries. It contains typography, word balloons, characters, and backgrounds reflecting the digital essence of the evolution of the comic industry.

Book Cover Illustrations

KDP Digital Publishers takes a balanced approach to cover illustration design for text, title, and images in order to ensure the layout and typography that attracts readers and effectively communicates key book themes.
To effectively incorporate how readers respond to these elements, we include online dimensions, genre, typefaces, themes, and research into illustration processes.

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