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The visuality of content is what appeals to a reader the most. If one wants their self published book, article, blog, or any content to be famous and known, they must always focus on the format of the writing—it includes, text design, paragraph formation, font style, and everything, visual.

Our team of experts has a grasp on each format type, in accordance with the targeted audience. We have worked enough with each generation to generalize and understand the main preference and work consequently. If an author looks forward to selling a self published book, they must focus on formatting, with KDP by their side.

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Font Formatting

Cliché and repetition make a reader lose interest. Our team believes that diversity is important, and so, by keeping all other things constant, they focus on subtly changing and formatting the text style to keep the reader indulged.

Paragraph Formatting

Another known yet underrated form of formatting is Paragraph. The content present in a paragraph, its formation, delivery tone, spacing, indenting, and bulleting is very important. Our team makes sure to deliver the best of these services.

Page Formatting

Obviously, the layout of a page matters a lot too. With keeping the content, tone, and audience in mind, our team makes sure to format the page layout accordingly.

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