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A good book requires editing, proofreading, re-editing, and re-proofreading until the expert in you is satisfied. To be the best talent present in the industry, a person must always focus on their mistakes, and try every possible way to end them. Book writing is one hectic task, it requires a lot of investment, and even after completion, it requires further favors.

With the top editors and proofreaders in the panel, Kinetic DIgital Publishers makes sure to provide the best proofreading services for the authors who look forward to self publish books in USA.

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Here are some of the most availed services of editing and proofreading at KDP.

Top Impact Editing

Our team of Native English Speakers makes sure to conduct a proper scientific/Conceptual report on how things can be edited and made better.

Substantive Editing

Our team of experts focuses on the main thing first, the outlook—it includes text color, font size, font style, and content tone.

Copy Editing

The most demanded form of editing. While copy editing, our team’s main focus is to see whether the content written is proper, clear, and concise, or as per the targeted audience's preference.

Traditional Proofreading

Our team follows the traditional format of proofreading which includes comparing the original document with the edited one, to check and clear the irregularities.

Structural Proofreading

While following a proper structure, our team goal is to bring out the best potential within your script—by indulging their expertise and skills.

Line Editing

Strengthening the sentence structure plays a crucial role in book publishing. At KDP, we provide line editing services, where one of our experts works line-by-line, and makes sure that each sentence is tightened to the extent.

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